The follow up to Drew McDowall (ex-Coil) and Tres Warren’s (Psychic Ills and Messages) well received debut LP Origin of Silence. Two extended tracks comprised of drifting pulses of modular synth, echoes of home-made electronics, a ukelin played with the utmost restraint; summoning the ever elusive energy of 60’s downtown experimentalism.

“…McDowall and Warren use modular synth, folktek microgarden, shortwave radio, processed harmonica and ukelin to tease apart slow-morphing drones. The first side, “Cyclic Permutations”, has the feel of an occult working, with ectoplasmic forms channelled via acoustic and electronic receivers, jump-cutting between realities with soft synthesized thuds. The flip, “Ohnologue”, is just as spectral, with deep Morse code melodies bisected by butterflies of bright white light. Fantastic.” – David Keenan, Volcanic Tounge

The Lathe Edition series is a number of lathe-cut 10″ records produced in very restricted runs. Each disc is cut by hand New York City, packaged in foil stamped tip-on Stoughton sleeves, individually titled and numbered.