In an edition of 250 copies on 180 gram virgin black vinyl

A live LP of incendiary concréte guitar shards. Two live sets from SuperDeluxe Tokyo. Imagine Derek Bailey slamming his guitar into the circuitry of David Tudor and the subsequent brawl. Polite applause please. This is the sound of Caravaggio.

“…Whatever music is or isn’t, it certainly does not have to be as relentlessly deafening as Marco Fusinato’s barrage, which was about as pleasant as being attacked by a squadron of F/A-18s…” – Anna Schwartz Gallery

“Marco Fusinato’s work is a series of propositions that question and re-configure accepted cultural forms and concepts, laying bare their construction, re-using them in particular contexts, exploring how those worlds are made…” – Sarah Cottier Gallery

Side One: 24th of January (10.33)
Side Two: 25th of January (13.34)

Fusinato lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.